Austin Dudzik

Indie maker, web designer, developers

19 year old college student living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Founder of Hexagonal. Creator of Stackpin, Magestic, & many other successful side-projects. Take a look at my portfolio!



Started May 2019

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In need of an easier way to deploy my websites, I had the idea to start Stackpin, a free static website hosting platform. I wanted to create a service that made publishing a site super simple and one without all the hassle and confusion. I use Stackpin myself to host my static sites, including this one!

Category: Web hosting


Started December 2019

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I started building Magestic to give brands a better experince in the status page industry. Powered by status monitoring service, Uptime Robot, users can quickly deploy a status page with Magestic and keep their customer-base informed of outages.

Category: Site monitoring


Name Published
Campfire - Advanced user feedback platform May 24th 2020 View
Domainer - Advanced domain sale platform April 15th 2020 View
Buddy - Domain selling platform May 10th 2020 View
Command - Feedback collection tool May 18th 2020 View
Tacker - Product changelog platform May 10th 2020 View
Sunset - Status page platform May 10th 2020 View

Work experience


August 2017 - Present

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In the summer of 2017, I started Hexagonal, a web design and development agency. I started developing products that would be useful for a wide range of users and started selling the source code on CodeCanyon, one of the largest marketplaces to sell and purchase code. Over the past few years, I've created numerous products that I can proudly say many customers use to this day.

Category: Design & Development


May 2017 - Present

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In May 2017, I started my job as a support agent. 000webhost is the oldest and largest free web hosting network, which hosts over 20 million user websites. I still work with the company to this day and I enjoy having the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills to assist customers and get their website's up and running.

Category: Customer support


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I'd love to hear from you! I'm open to all work opportunites and want to hear what you've got in mind. Send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Usually within a day.