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Built during my earlier days of development and rebuilt recently to follow the latest code conventions, Campfire is a simple, yet useful website feedback tool that allows website owners to collect feedback on their website from their users. Owners can simply embed the JS widget on their site or use built-in standalone feedback pages to collect feedback from their users and see it all, collectively in one place.

Some features of Campfire include a WYSIWYG campaign editor, privacy controls, data importing and exporting, widget customization, and more, allowing for greater flexibility when collecting site feedback. Support for team members is also delivered out-of-the-box, allowing multiple administrators and editors to view and edit campaigns at once.

Campfire is built using vanilla PHP and Bootstrap, and utilizes a MySQL database for storage. It has also been developed with self-hosting in mind, allowing for easy deployment of the application to a server using the built-in auto-installer. It is open-source and available on GitHub.

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