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Dune is a first-of-its-kind social media platform, with deep integration with Spotify. In its entirety, Dune is the equivalent to Twitter, but specifically for sharing content from Spotify. After linking a personal Spotify account, Dune automatically pulls in all the user's liked tracks, albums, playlists, and followed artists, in addition to Spotify's collection of millions of songs and content, allowing users to instantly share their favorite content with their friends.

Working on this project gave me my first exposure to working with public APIs, with Dune utilizing the Spotify API to retrieve user content and the public catalog. Some features of the platform include post reactions, user following, commenting, and live updates, allowing users to interact connect and interact with other users and the content they see.

Dune is built in Vue with Vue CLI and utilizes the Spotify API for many actions on the platform, such as retrieving user libraries and media content within posts. All data is stored within a Firebase NoSQL database, allowing for real-time updates and data synchronization between users.

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