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Nova is a versatile feedback board application that allows users to submit feedback, share ideas, and discuss topics. The application is built with a custom PHP API, utilizing JavaScript to provide a fast user experience using AJAX calls. Nova includes a multitude of features that help with feedback collection and management, such as full customization, a built-in roadmap tool that allows users to see the status of their feedback, and comment functionality, allowing users to share additional feedback by replying to posted suggestions.

Nova has a big focus on privacy and niche feedback collection, with support for different feedback board types. Administrators have the option to set boards to public, private, or unlisted, allowing great control over who can post and see content. The application includes a global search tool, allowing for users to search for feedback, users, and boards, directly from one place.

The project is open-source on available on GitHub, with the hopes of providing a better feedback collection experience for users and site owners.

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